RIP Symbian.. Or will it ever die ?

December 22, 2011 8:13 pm | POSTED BY henrik

Game over for SymbianIn a recent announcement from Nokia, the company claims that Symbian will no longer will be supported, but funny enough is the whole announcement just about a marketing re-branding of the Symbian operating system. The new name, according to Nokia, will be “Nokia Belle“. Initial project names include “Symbian Belle” and it is not clear that “Symbian” now belongs to the history books.


But once-upon-a-time, Symbian was a very promising operating system and platform. There is no doubt that the Symbian Foundation has played an essential role as en early role-model for today’s iOS, Andoird, Windows Mobile and Blackberry operating systems.


Brief history/timeline of Symbian and Symbian foundation:

  • 1980: Psion was founded
  • 1998: Psion became Symbian
  • 2001: First Nokia Symbian phone, Nokia 9210 communicator
  • 24-Jun-2008: Nokia acquires Symbian, Symbian Foundation announced [source]
  • 21-Oct-2008: Android first release [source]
  • 12-Mac-2009: Symbian Platform Release Plan revealed [source]
  • 30-Apr-2009: site closure announced [source]
  • 08-Jun-2009: Symbian still trying hard to woo developers [source]
  • 09-Aug-2009: Nokia rumoured to ditch Symbian in 2012 [source]
  • 11-Nov-2009: Samsung dropping Symbian for Bada [source]
  • 04-Feb-2010: Symbian fully open and free source [source]
  • 01-Jul-2010:  Best Symbian site, ends [source]
  • 24-Sep-2010 : Sony Ericsson abandons Symbian [source]
  • 19-Oct-2010 : Symbian CEO exits [source]
  • 22-Oct-2010:  Angry Birds on Symbian [source]
  • 08-Nov-2010: Nokia reclaims Symbian [source]
  • 17-Dec-2010 : Symbian foundation website closes [source]
  • 31-Dec-2010 : Samsung terminates Symbian support [source]

So it is final, Symbian in its old suite is dead, but it looks a little bit like it will be resurrected as Nokia Belle.


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  1. Bikenizen says:

    Yeah, symbian was die. All developers will leave symbian OS and take a part to another OS like android and iOS, you can imagine, how many android application realead in last 6 month?.
    Nokia choose WP7 and will fully leave symbian in third quarter of 2012. So, if you interesting in symbian anna or anothing latest symbian OS, better thing twice.
    Will WP7 defeat android?. I dont think so.
    Nokia will fail and lose their market. Samsung will be the King, and still be the King if Samsung know what market need.
    Nokia is arogant and dont care what market need. Nokia employee just Stephen Elop’s dogs. And they will lose their job soon or later.

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