A digital marketing, innovation and technology consultant

With over 20 years in business, I enjoy working with digital marketing, innovation and technologies more than ever. With innovative and advanced solutions being available for every-day businesses the competitive landscape is drastically changing how we communicate, transact and even think as consumers. Being lucky and privileged to be working centrally with Internet and digital solutions for over half my life, I truly believe the world is a smaller place today.

Graduated with Masters in Mareting Management from Private Business University in Norway 1999, the Internet was still in its infancy in a time where Google was hardly know by the public. I was at this time working for a German start-up in Hamburg building the word's first commercial community for music artists and independent record companies to sell their music. About a year later I was given the opportunity to work as a Management Consultant for a successful digital business consultancy as Central-European Head of e-Marketing and was working on the European roll-out of Sony Playstation II and Siemens Mobile S-Model among some my projects.

At this time my interest for technology grew and I started experimenting with own systems, logic and platforms. Shortly after we built an advanced peer-2-peer (P2P was very hot at this time) referral engine where we could identify personal roles within a company's customers and determine who could influence their friends to buy a product. We had some moderate success with this system and it was used by Lufthansa and Gillette as some of our partners.

A few years later I got involved with the iGaming industry, a young industry providing skill and chance games over the Internet (to compete with landbased casinos). This was an innovative industry willing to experiment with new technologies to master their business. I worked with some of the largest operators around, and later recruited my own team to build advanced price comparison systems and statistical applications. This later resulted in another project where we built an innovative full-blown betting engine.

I take a lot of pride in my work and enjoy working on exciting projects. If you are looking for an experienced consultant or team-mate, dont hesitate to contact me !!