A true DIGITAL marketer and technologist

Over 20 years experience with Internet and interactive market places I have a developed a profound expertise on digital business administartion.
When I started working with Internet technologies in 1994 the Internet options where very limited compared to the rich-media and multi-channel platforms we see today. In just 20 years I have witness the emergence of a new paradigm which influences everyone, everywhere with everything. In my career large organisations have disappeared because they could not transform to the new digital marketplace, while new innovative start-ups have completely dominance on new marketplaces which are completely re-invented over the last decades.
In the last 20 years I have been working with small and large projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. In these years my passion and interest has been on digital marketing management and innovative product management to grow businesses and master the digital marketplace.

Today I work with companies to develop successful marketing strategies and to build winning products in the digital market space. My philosophy is that digital marketing and digital product development fits closely together and effective teams consist of these cross competencies. Combining this with expert level marketing and technical knowledge I help to create a true 360-degree customer orientation.

With technical expertise I work with product and development teams to:
- Product Development Livecycles
- SCRUM Methodologies and Implementation
- Define Agile Project Management for teams
- Identify tools and systems to manage product development and development
- Identify Stand-Alone, Hybrid or Cloud Services
- Optimize Product Experience (CDN, MemCache, Static)
- Big Data; Setup and Migration
- Cost/Performance Analysis
- Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI)
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Logistic and Fulfilment
- Device Management (Desktop, Smartphone, Feature Phone, Tablet, e-bookereader, Smart-TV, iThings and Wearables)

With extensive experience with digital marketing I setup strategies and operations for:
- Effective Email Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Intant Messaging, SMS, USSD Marketing
- Intelligent BOT Marketing for Instant Messengers
- Mobile App Store Optimisation
- Mobile App Store Marketing
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
- High Yield Online Advertising and AD Placements
- Customer Acquisition Strategies
- Customer Retention & Activation Strategies
- Online Customer Surveys and Product Evaluation

Projects and Experience

1994: Wishbag, the first cross platform wishlist system integrated with online retail shops
1996: Setup and management of small ISP in Norway
1999: Developing Scandiavia's first WAP based retail auction system with Razorfish
2000: Marketing independent artists and record labels on various online platforms
2001: E-Business Management Consultant working with pan-European clients in Germany for Icon Medialab
2003: Building peer-2-peer viral recommendation engine for consumer brands (Lufthansa, WS FTP, SOS Children Villages, e-Sixt)
2006: Marketing and management of iGaming sportsbetting, casinos, lotteries, bingo, poker and number games
2009: Building mobile sport statistics and live score platforms
2011: Building comparison pricing models for sportsbetting
2013: Rollout of new Mobile gaming application in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
2014: Creation of new sportsbetting platform for emerging markets (African and South-American regions)