When working with a CONNNECTED business

Depending on location we might be situated in different countries and with different timezones. As digital businesses often trade in multiple regions, with multiple currencies and languages, this is not big challenge with todays collaboration systems.

When engaged, I work closely with companies in their offices or from remote. What determines physical location depends on the project and preferences. In both cases I introduce a set of easy-to-use collaboration, planning and execution and will provide training on how we can work smarter together. By working smarter we achieve more in an inspiring way.

Combining audio and video conferencing tools with an effective project platform (not overwhelming email correspondance) we will plan, build and execute the objectives. At times I manage multiple teams on various locations from executive presentations, marketing execution, product launches and technical SCRUM teams. All over secure Interent connections with encrypted project management tools.

I have a large network of experts and talented professionals which I am able to sub-contract on a project basis if needed. In most cases I have personally worked with many of these experts in previous projects and as a team we can solve almost any project challenges. From marketing specialists, experienced developers, computer security experts, UX, DBA, copywriter or monetary specialists - I can provide additional expertise as needed.

My clients have full ownership to my work after engagement is completed. This ensures clients to continue maintaining and build on my work. I can also continue with a maintenance container if needed to ensure continues progress and development.